This year, the Senate Western Caucus worked harder than ever to protect the western way of life and advocate for policies that help rural America.

With the radical, activist-driven Biden administration working overtime to implement its big government agenda, the fight to preserve our western ideals and way of life has not been easy. 

This year, we watched as the Biden administration attempted to weaponize the Bureau of Land Management with its proposed “Landscape and Conservation Health” rule which elevates conservation as an official use of federal lands, blatantly ignoring congressional intent and breaking the law.

The Senate Western Caucus understands the devastating impact this proposal would have on communities across rural America and has worked tirelessly to shield farmers, ranchers and property owners from this egregious overreach.

In September, the Senate Western Caucus fought back against one-size-fits-all mandates handed down by Washington bureaucrats with our bicameral legislation that would prevent the Departments of the Interior and Commerce from finalizing three rule proposals regarding the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that lack legal clarity and place onerous and undue burdens on landowners across the west.

The ESA needs to be reformed to actually be successful in recovering species while minimizing the regulatory burdens placed on people living and working out west, instead of appeasing radical special interest groups. 

As we reflect on the challenges and successes of the last year, know the Senate Western Caucus remains steadfast in our commitment to serving the west and representing their voices in Congress. Our members are blessed to call some of most beautiful landscapes home, and we will do everything within our power to protect them and our way of life.